In The Spotlight

Molhimawk has stuck to its mission of bringing back classic patterns with a modern and refreshing twist by
launching the SWAG BAG. This lightweight carry/cart hybrid has an incredibly strong stand, three standard
pockets, a valuables pocket lined with soft material, and a water bottle holder. (5 lbs. 36″ tall. 5-way top)

Molhimawk (Mol-ee-MOCK) means albatross in the New Zealand language of Maori and represents not only a double eagle in golf (scoring 2 on a par 5), but it bridges the gap between the timeless argyle pattern and the bright new pinks, blues, greens, purples, and yellows of today. This concept of bridging old and new is the nucleus of the Molhimawk culture. Made for the fashion-forward golfer, and preserving the integrity of classic patterns, without sacrificing flare.